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On Beyond Engagement: Unleashing the Power of Employee Advocacy

Hi Mike, great post and thanks for the shout out on our book. Chris Boudreaux and I will be hosting an Employee Advocacy Summit on September 15th as part of the Social Shake Up 2014. I hope the readers of this post will considering attending. There is no question about the power and potential of employee advocates, no matter the size of the company. I have led employee advocacy at IBM since 2010 and as a passionate program champion, I've come to appreciate how much tenacity it takes to not only lead the way, while garnering the necessary support but also the essential need demonstrate value in order to scale and keep the momentum going. It is possible! We've been able quantify that trusted subject matter experts are able to drive 2-3 times the conversion rates to a call to action as compared to branded accounts. The ability to quantify such performance outcomes is a game changer in many ways for both the employee and the brand. But, it won't just happen, it requires careful planning, coaching, training, governance, recognition and most importantly intelligence gleaned from analytics to effectively mobilize the right employees for effective engagement. 

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On Selling Social to the C-Suite: Trust, But Verify

To answer @WahibaChair question on measuring ROI, you may find this post helpful: http://susanemerick.com/3-reasons-people-struggle-measuring-social-media/ and related as well is this one: http://susanemerick.com/work-core-proven-principals-drive-employee-advocacy-results/

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On Social Employees Drive Digital Transformation

Great post Ted. Empowering employees in social media requires clear not only a consistent measurement framework but also feedback loop to the employees supporting the outreach, helping them to know what's working or not and how to make adjustment in their outreach. What's more, what you measure is critically important. I see brands often times miss the mark when it comes to measurement. This post is a good reminder to anyone implementing social empowerment/advocacy programs, that it's critical to align what you measure to the company's or programs goals. As you suggest, "Business impact should always ultimately be measured in the financial impact but can be modeled around cost savings, quality improvement, revenue growth, etc." 

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