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On Do You Pre-Schedule Social Media Messages?

Thanks for your comment, Jason. And we agree that social media is about engagement and conversation, absolutely. 

In my post, I've refrenced scheduling some social posts but discourage the practice of publishing the majority of posts pre-scheduled for that very reason.  We have found in tests with our clients that pre-scheduling some posts, while maintaining the large majority of posts spontaneously, coupled with a strategic engagement plan with their target audience, produces a higher return on investment from their efforts than relying on spontaneous posts alone.

This is far from the "robo-posting" that we see happening with some folks who try to put their social media on a "set-it-and-forget-it" automated routine ... there is no such thing with social media, as you know - it requires participation in the form of transparency, authenticity and true engagement to be effective.




January 21, 2014    View Comment    

On Why Keyword (Not Provided) Is Not a Big Deal

Hi Zach --- thanks for your comment! 

"Maybe this is a signal that it's high time to get back to the fundamentals of understanding your audience and targeting content at them, instead of chasing keywords."


WELL SAID ... and I couldn't agree more.  SEO=Marketing (albeit with work boots on) ... let's focus on our audience and reaching them, then serving them great content that they find useful!

September 27, 2013    View Comment