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On Stop Chasing Customers - Start Building Your Brand

Thanks Hailley,

Always nice to hear others think like I do.


December 18, 2013    View Comment    

On 3 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Start Podcasting

That's the beauty of the new podcasting apps. No need to log in or download - new episodes are pushed to the phone automatically. 

July 5, 2013    View Comment    

On Social Media Isn't All About Conversation

Thanks all.... glad to hear this POV is finding a willing ear... and in the end, those that figure out great social media is a perfect blend of content and conversation will likely be the big winners.



November 1, 2010    View Comment    

On 5 Ideas for Marketing Gulf Coast Tourism During This Oil Spill

Thanks for stopping by and commenting Sheryl. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
June 18, 2010    View Comment    

On Why Social Media Experts Hate Being Called Experts

Matt, Georgina, Delfin, & Chris,

First thanks for the kind comments. Second, sorry it too me so long to get here to respond. Changed jobs/emails so the system didn't notify me of your comments.

I have to admit, the comments here and on the original post really were great and one of them (from Marc Meyer) has inspired a follow up post that should go live next week. Hope you'll like that one too. 

Thanks again. 


May 26, 2010    View Comment    

On See the consumer-in reponse to Tom Martin

Love the last line. And the photo -- wish I could have found that one! But so true. Research has a role, but to really innovate today -- you have to be in the game.

Thanks for the hat tip to the post.
December 2, 2009    View Comment    

On The Social Media Playbook

Thanks for the props. And the biggest problem is the cost of playing changes once you see the real field of play... ahhh the joys of breaking new ground, eh??
October 27, 2009    View Comment    

On #Hashtag Asshats


 I tweeted this out earlier... you'll probably like it


seems the engineers heard you. thanks for commenting.


July 16, 2009    View Comment    

On Quit Crying About Personal Brands

I'd say that yes, it's PC to poo poo "personal branding" because it feels icky...but the truth is, the best networkers in the world are all actively managing what you think of them. That's personal branding.

To think that if you just work hard and do a great job folks will notice is naive in my opinion. If it feels immodest to use the words personal brand, then don't but to think that you shouldn't actively manage your image, well that just seems short sighted.

Thanks for commenting.


July 15, 2009    View Comment    

On The Twitter Story I've been working on

I think Twitter is one of those technologies that will play a role in the future, we marketers just haven't figured it out yet. But as more of us test, tweet and immerse ourselves in its culture... like other channels, we'll get it.
May 15, 2008    View Comment