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On 3 Ways to Beat the Facebook Algorithm

You can always create a custom image with the wording "click here" in the correct link image size. The great thing about optimized links is that the image appears larger in newsfeeds and the entire post is now a clickable link. 

Also, make sure you're changing the text in the link preview. Use it as another oppurtunity to write engaging copy to grab your fan's attention. 

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On 3 Ways to Beat the Facebook Algorithm

Hey everyone! I had a great question from a reader on Twitter who asked:

Hi, , I just read your post on social media today, but what do you mean with "(Facebook cuts off likes after a bit)"?

To clarify, I meant that when you have over 1,000 likes on a post and you click the 'likes' button, you may not always be able to view every use who liked the post. Moreover, if you are holding a random giveaway, this would make it impossible to include all entries in the drawing. 

This is why I discuss Woobox, which is a great site. You can pull all of the likes from a specific post and all of the Facebook user's names who liked it. You can also randomly select a winner and generate an acceptance form -- for free!

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