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On The Facebook Reach Affair: Who Will Be in Control of the Audience?

Another sector that many forget to include are the non-profits using Facebook pages as a branding tool for the group, association, etc. A non-profit - being that it is a not-for-profit entity - often does not have funds allocated to spend on adverts. Facebook's monetization of posts only serves to limit a NP.  

I was an advocate of using a Page over a Group in Facebook from 2010 - 2013 - going so far as to recommend no longer using groups over pages. This change in organic search has changed my opinion and my subsequent recommendations.

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On When Writing a Blog Post, Size Does Matter


I've read quite a lot of books, posts, articles, etc. on blogging over the past several years. There are those who would agree with your post and those who would not; however, my comment isn't to be one of the distractors. I agree with you about finding that middle ground.  

A properly targeted and well written post of a mere 400-500 words can have more impact than a poorly targeted and badly crafted one of 1,400-1,500.  To futher play with the dual meaning carried with the post's title, it isn't how many words you have but how you use them.


Thanks for the info.


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On Five Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers

Chrome is my browser of choice and is such mainly becuase of the extensions.  Thanks for sharing the info above - especially about RiteTag. I've begun to use Safari more recently becuase Facebook seems to be slower/stops updating after the recent redesign.  Still, I find myself drawn back to Chrome.

Thanks for the suggestions.


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On Is Social Media Stealing Your Life Away?

You are right on several levels.  It is amazing how freely, myself included, we put information about ourselves online for the world to see.  Isn't it possible that less than "nice" people might access that information? Yes, of course.

I think that social media has the potential to create more introverted people, communities and even societies.  

Thanks for the post.  I enjoyed reading it.

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On 7 Tips for Improving Your Online Marketing Writing

Write once - edit twice!

Great advice!

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On 7 Social Media Challenges for Contact Centers [INFOGRAPHIC]

This is a great infographic.  I'm an advocate for customer service via online channels and found this very informative. Tahnks for sharing.

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On 101 Blogging Tips for Beginners and Beyond

Out of 100.....my favorite was.....


  • Realize that the success of your blog is directly correlated to the amount of time you spend working on it
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On Ace LinkedIn With These 17 Profile Must-Haves [INFOGRAPHIC]

I tried to determine which of the above were my favorites but I could not limit to just one. While I agree with them all, here are my thoughts on those that stood out the most to me:


  • Eight - Be Active
  • Five - Brand your headline (I am currently researching personal branding so I was happy to see this one on the list.)
  • Twelfth - Strutt Your Stuff - We are taught as a child that it is not nice to brag but, for branding, it is sometimes nice to boast (not brag) your own accomplishments.  This is certainly true if one wishes to accomplish #5.


Thanks for a fantastic post.

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On Best Customer Service Exchange Ever from Netflix

Excellent for Netflix!  I don't have a comical story but I do remember how Netflix helped customers who were impacted during Katrina. I'm in Mississippi and didn't have power for a week. Netflix had sent an email during that time informing me that they had suspsended my account (due to my address) and credited back the current service.  This was all becuase of being impacted by Katrina. They DID NOT have to do this and I think it was above-and-beyond.  

They may have lost $20-30 dollors from me that month.  The ROI on that $20-30?  I forget how many times I've told this story!  This alone makes the ROI priceless!

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On 8 Free Content Marketing eBooks


This list is fantastic!


You provided a great list of resources and created a one-stop shop filled with great resources.  Many often overlook the need - the necessity - to have a content strategy.  I also agree that the tools, like Steve stated in his comment, are only as effective as someone's ability to use them. 

I can't wait to read each of these in detail.


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On Social Influencer Sites: How Relevant Are They?

Will, I wil lstart by echoing the other comments - great article.

My comment is an opinion on the influence score and the "klout" some give to it.  I think it is more important to look at the score from a ballpark view rather than an individual play.  For example, Joe's score is 54 and Sue's is 57.  Does that mean that she should get the "Social Media Job" over Joe?  I don't think so.  HOWEVER....if Sue's score is 57 and Joe's is 14....well, you get my point.


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On 3 Hashtag Tools That Will Greatly Improve Your Social Media Exposure

Janet, thank you for ntroducing me to these new tools.  

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