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On ViDEO: Don't Be 'That Guy' on LinkedIn -- From SalesChaosTV

Just different experiences Dan. I just returned from an extremely valuable meeting in Chicago with approximately 25 influentional sales writers, speakers, authors, every one of which I had ONLY had an online connection with (except one who I have worked with before). By the way, you were missed.

The ONLY reason we were together is because we had come across each others online activity, then starting building relationships and respect.

"Lasting" relationships-still remains to be seen, however in the short time since that meeting, I have generated a plate full of new business opportunities and engagements.

If you limit your universe to those you know or "know of", your potential for future growth will be limited. It has been stated many times that the vast majority of business ( +70% frequently quoted) is done not by direct connections but by those who are 2nd level connections.

I am not saying become one of those ridiculous LION's who join lists just to grow their connections. Just open your mind to the myriad of possibilities that can come from a happenstance connection request on LinkedIn. 

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On ViDEO: Don't Be 'That Guy' on LinkedIn -- From SalesChaosTV

Todd, Only connect with people you know? That makes no sense when talking about LinkedIn.

Connect with people that you don't know, but are in an industry, profession or geography that is of interest to you. The power of your network is NOT in your direct connections, but rather in your second level connections. If you have only connected with those you know, you have limited the power of the network for the future.

If you experience "the guy" Dan mentioned that blasts you with the deal of the century days after you have accepted his invitation, just remove them as a connection. All social networks should be culled from time to time.

Your observations on Groups are spot on- why are you hanging out in 50 LinkedIn Groups of focused on the  Insurance industry if you are in insuranc? Pick the biggest/best one or two and delete the rest.



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On 12 Ways to Automate Your Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Excellent recommendations for all 12 Matt. You've got me Googling for #'s 7 and 11 to learn more about their services. Tools like Loopfuse, HootSuite and Timely is can make all the difference in the results of a business or division. Thanks for sharing some of your best!

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On What Makes a Vibrant LinkedIn Group? So Far, So Good

Paul, you answered your own question with your post.  Vibrant, fresh content from a growing group and variety of contributors with your sharp eye for spam and self-promotion and you end up with what you now have-a successful group.

One of the key assets the group has going is it's name. "Social Media Today" might be one of the most keyword rich packages out there, which helps Google etc.

Another reason for your success might be the description in the Group Profile. It reads:

"There’s a lot of buzz out there about Social Media Today Join one of the web's most established and best-regarded communities about social media and its implications for your business, your life and your planet. Also find us at socialmediatoday.com."

 Very clear, concise and inviting.

Now take a look at The Customer Collective name and group Profile which reads: 

"A moderated, business conversation with the world's leading bloggers on sales and marketing strategy."

To me, not as compelling, the group name does nothing to indicate what the group's purpose is about, and no link to excellent website.

Just my perspective, can't wait to read what others have to say.

December 20, 2011    View Comment