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On Social Media Pundits (Mostly) Suck at Engagement

Kenny - thanks for chiming in. I noticed it for a while but what I think bugs me more than their lack of engagement is their "Preaching" of engagement as a key to Social Media success.  

Really it isn't the key, at least not if your goal is to speak and sell books. Further, it isn't necessarily key for most businesses either. It has a place and it is important, but the reason they don't do it is they don't have to. For businesses they need someone to teach them how to use social, make it measurable and engage appropriately knowing there is almost no way you can answer and respond to everyone.

If they would just be honest that they have no plan to practice what they preach I would probably not take issue with the self-centered ways of many of these folks.


April 10, 2014    View Comment