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On The Social Shake-Up: Why Atlanta?

Great post Robin! You really do an awesome job of letting folks in on what we in Atlanta already know - that Atlanta is a one of a kind place.  And a one of a kind event like Social Shake-Up will no doubt be, deserves to be held in a one of a kind place.

I'm looking forward to having the Social Business world come down to the ATL to shake some things up.

August 27, 2013    View Comment    

On Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara's Sermon from the Social River at Social Biz Atlanta 2013 [VIDEO]

Jon thanks again for being a part of a great day!  Looking forward to having you at Social Biz Atlanta 2014!

April 15, 2013    View Comment    

On Opportunistic, Succinct, and Creative: SocialCRM at Insider 2011

Margot: thanks so much for having me be apart of your panel at SAP Insiders.  I really enjoyed hearing from Kiran and Greg about how their organizations are integrating social strategy into their customer engagement initiatives.

Nigel: As Margot said in her comment above, I fully agree with your comment on companies trying to control the relationship.  "Find, catch & keep" is a basic term I used to simplify the three foundational areas of CRM - marketing automation, sales automation and customer service.  And although the term may simplify the definition, it is definitely not meant to simplify the importance of building mutually beneficial, collaborative relationships between customers and companies hoping to earn their business.  

A term people focused on during the panel last week was how many see customer service as being the new marketing in a social world - much more so than pushing out one-way messages as was done in the past.  As I'm sure you would agree, that doesn't work today because customer's want equal custody of the relationship they have with vendors.  This calls for companies to change their approach to customer engagment - to recognize the power customers have - and to engage them in a collaborative fashion; as two equal partners who each have the power to impact the trajectory of the relationship.  

Because it takes mutual respect to build this kind of callaborative relationship, I believe "trust" is the new marketing, and that trust cannot be built by trying to trick, cajole or pressure customers.  So even though the phrase "find, catch and keep" may sound suspicious, it's the intention and implementation a company puts in play that determines if it's trickery, or an honest attempt to build long-lasting, trust-filled relationships with today's social customer.

Thanks for adding to the conversation!


March 30, 2011    View Comment    

On My Mother, The Customer Service Expert

Hi Alyson,

I wish more people thought and acted like your mother did.  It looks like you were paying attention to all those lessons she was teaching you just by doing what came naturally to her.

Thanks for sharing!


March 11, 2011    View Comment    

On Be Humble…We Decide If You Are Influential, Not You!

I don't know who came up with that phrase, but whoever it is, thank you!  And thank you too Todd for this post.  It is spot-on in my opinion.  

Thanks again!


October 26, 2010    View Comment    

On Here’s Why Angry Customers are Your Business’ Best Friends

Hi Chuck,

This cartoon really does say it all.  We are way more likely to complain to each other than we are to complain to a vendor when we're face to face.  Most of the time you just want to get out and never come back.  But now we can complain to each other online, which means anybody can hear us.  Companies have to find a way to create an atmosphere that encourages honest criticism in order to improve the customer experience- online and off.




October 4, 2010    View Comment    

On The Social Customer Engagement Index Whitepaper: Survey Results, Insights and Perspectives

Yes a BIG thank you to SOCAP for helping us pull this together!  

September 2, 2010    View Comment    

On The Future Business, The Future Customer, Future CRM

Thought-provoking stuff Mr.Boysen.  We definitely need to get it right now so that Future CRM helps us to create the kind of relationships we need to stay in business in the future.  We can learn a great deal from CRM's past that can help improve our chances for a successful future.

Thanks for the shout-out!


July 1, 2010    View Comment    

On Introducing The Social Customer Engagement Index

Hey Peter,


Still working the parameters up.  Would love to pick your brain on this if you have some time.  It's time for us to connect anyways, right?  :-)



June 29, 2010    View Comment    

On Introducing The Social Customer Engagement Index

Hi Eric,


We wanted to limit the number of questions we asked folks to answer, so we kept things at a high level.  So we did drill into what made up the financial investment number each respondent selected.  Maybe as we develop things we'll be able to get a little bit more granular while not asking too much of a time commitment to participate.  



June 29, 2010    View Comment    

On Home Depot Customer Service (or lack thereof) — UPDATED

Eric this looks to be an example of how PR is way out of front of customer service when it comes to using social media.  It's also an example of turning "customers service" into an oxymoron.  When you have trouble both online and offline it's a real problem, because I'd be willing to guess you aren't the only one getting treated this way at that store...and other stores for that matter.  So you really have to wonder just how many customers have done what you did, and how much money has been left in the aisles with those full shopping carts?  But I'm sure the Reno Depot is glad to pick up the slack.

Sorry you had to go through, but thanks for sharing it.  Maybe something will come out of it, since PR seems to be the new customer service in the social media age...


June 7, 2010    View Comment    

On The Final Tweet

Wow Adam.  It appears to me that they weren't practicing customer service at all, they were practicing PR damage control.  I wonder what would have happened if you didn't go public on Twitter.

Companies really need to master the people skills and process skills of customer service - then use whatever technology customers choose to resolve their problems.

March 24, 2010    View Comment