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On 5 Pervasive Myths About Google+

You keep using the word hater as if people are hating for no reason. Anecdotally, everyone I know of is a google + user but they all despise the fact that they have been forced to do this because they want to make youtube comments and review google play apps. They don't want to be forced to use their real name and they don't want everything they do online integrated. These are legitimate concerns. People aren't hating on google+ because it's cool, they do it because they would have nothing to do with it if given the choice. I have 3 google plus accounts because they make it impossible to go back and change some things (wouldn't surprise me if they count all 3 as active users) . Never in my life have I enjoyed being forced to do things. Instead of writing off people who don't agree with you, maybe you should listen and learn. I found your attitude towards the anti google+ camp to be a bit of a joke. It sounds like you're trying too hard to prove that you're right instead of being fair and balanced. I don't understand people who don't use Facebook but I certainly don't tell them their choice is wrong or misinformed. When you use the word haters you sound like Amy from Amy's Baking Company. No one with credibility uses that word. It's just the go to defence against people who disagree with you. Why have a discussion when you can just call someone a hater? 

March 18, 2014    View Comment    

On 101 Blogging Tips for Beginners and Beyond

Fantastic Information, thank you! I'm just starting to blog and it can be real confusing. Your 100 tips are down to earth, real and easy to understand. Thank you again! 

October 21, 2013    View Comment    

On What Google's Hummingbird Update Really Means

as HB is nice to feel a quality work but what are the future observations about humming bird ? is this also have few guidelines to webmasters to follow ?

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On What Google's Hummingbird Update Really Means

nice explanation about hummingbird by google. It can be a revolutionary update for those who are running with standard optimisation of the website , supporting natural link buliding by not to be a part of buying spam links.

website witn full descriptive details will get rewards under this update which is comparatevely good and informative.

October 2, 2013    View Comment    

On Twitter 101: What is Twitter Really About?

Let's see what happens I'm not so sure about this


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On The Right Way to Reject a Job Candidate

Closely after graduating from university I attended a group interview to become a chalet host for the upcoming ski season. I put in hours of research in prepration of my task, presented to a group for the first time, answered pages of interview questions as complete a short essay in German. The representitives of the company (a well known winter season recruitment agency) thanked me for my time and said they'd be in touch. Ten days later, nothing, two weeks, nothing. In the end I phoned for my results. The HR member put me on hold to look for my profile - only, he didn't put me on hold, I could still hear everything and what I heard was this: "s**t, I've got to tell her she didn't get it" In hindsight, it's pretty funny, but at the time I was devesated - and all my friends knew about it, and we all opted for a different (rival) firm for our subsequent winter season jobs. Lesson learnt? Common courtesy is all it takes.


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On Social Media and #Recruiting: A Good Match?

I think whichever way you look at it, social recruiting can't be ignored for companies who want to gain the competitive edge in today's competitive job market. Least of all, a positive employer presence on say, Twitter or Facebook, can do wonders for employer branding - even if a company isn't hiring they can already begin to appeal to potential future employees via social media. For me however, the best part of social recruiting is that existing employees can actually do all of the legwork for the company, simply by spreading the word via their own social channels - it saves time, money and is a great way to recruit like minded people.

This recent article explains a social recruiting a little more in depth - http://goo.gl/cCnwCx

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On Ten Ways to Build a B2B Brand Online

It's important for B2B brands of all sizes to know their digital options to develop a strong interactive advertising strategy.

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On Correlating Social Media Engagement to Impressions

Social media is definitely its own beast, but impressions can be tied to conversion and, in the case of Compass Labs' conversion measurement solution, post-conversion behavior. Seeing what types of users are converting based on impressions, as well as what creatives and content are leading to conversion is the key to attaining ROI on social!

May 31, 2013    View Comment    

On 50 Top Tools for Social Media Monitoring, Analytics, and Management

Nice list, Pam! Would love to see Compass Labs' CLIQ Social Intelligence included in your next round-up!

May 14, 2013    View Comment    

On Not Defining Social Media Success is a Mistake

Couldn't agree more with this! Many marketers don't realize the importance of having a social presence not to share what they had for breakfast, but to generate audience engagement and interaction that they can then leverage to inform other revenue-impacting business decisions, both on and off social. Compass Labs clients use social intelligence to guide product strategies, determine CRM successes and failures, plan off-social media buys, and more.

May 14, 2013    View Comment    

On Social SEO in 1 Hour a Day

Stephen thanks for the clarification and I totally agree with your points!  The reason I mention to spend some time on all of the platforms is becaue in the beginning they can guess where their target audience is but the best way to find out is to create a presence and track the results of the outreach.  In the article I mention that this is simply a way to get started, to increase revenue, and then get infinitely more sophisticated in the campaign.  

This is one way to do it and how I usually work with clients when we start.  At the end of a a couple of months we have strong social profiles that help not just in social but with reputation marketing and SEO.

Another approach could be to hyper-focus on 1 platfrom at a time and get very proficient and strong with each.

There's no right or wrong way to do this but generally our clients want to try out everything to begin with so that's why we have this structure.

Thanks for your feedback and I'll definitely check out your article!

March 6, 2013    View Comment