If you posted incredible content online yesterday, there is still the possibility that your readers may forget about it today. However, it is 100% guaranteed that the search engines will not. The relationship between search and social media is critical.

There is no doubt that having an intimate understanding of social media is essential for your online business interactions. With that said, it is also essential that you understand search engine optimization and how to get the most out of it for your business. In this day and age of technology, information comes at you immediately and your ability to be just as quick in your communications is critical. In fact, waiting could be the kiss of death for your business in many respects.

There is such a close tie between social media and the search engines. It definitely behooves you as a business owner to constantly keep that in mind. In fact, social media, to a great extent, has helped to add a human element to search engine optimization, which would be much more robotic and cold otherwise. More and more, as people are searching for information, some connection to a social media channel is coming up. Because of the fact that the success of social media lies in the emotional, human aspect of people, the person doing the searching can trust the information because human beings are the ones who are reviewing and offering opinions on various products and/or services that are being offered.

The importance of the call-to-action

Whenever you offer content to other people, it is critical that you give them a way to be able to contact you just in case they would like to have a conversation with you. If you don’t provide them with a way to connect with you, you will have no hope of your business moving in the direction of greater success. There is a huge amount of information that has been made available so it is extremely important that your information stands out and is unique enough for the other person to choose to explore what you are offering rather than going to someone else. The search capability is an integral part of searching potential. If you approach social media with the search engines in mind, your campaign will bear tremendous fruit and you will enjoy a great deal of professional (and personal) success.

The way that people search

The approach that people are taking currently when it comes to online searching is very different than what it was. Their approach is much more personalized, they are influenced by the search habits of people who are close to them, they are motivated by brand mentions through social media interactions, and analytics have become much more important to them. The traditional desire of search engine rankings high on the page is no longer relevant in the way that it was. What used to be search engine rankings has been moved aside by search engine placements. Search engine rankings are not entirely obsolete. The have just been diluted a bit.


Social media and search engine optimization go hand in hand and it is important to remember that when you are building your social media marketing strategy, search engine optimization must be tied to it and considered just as important and the other elements of your strategy. As with many aspects of online business interactions, all of the elements are important and they all work together like a well-oiled machine. The machine cannot function properly without all of its parts.