Want to get customers on your side? ImageThen help them in the nick of time just when they need you the most. In today’s fast world, everyone is constantly on the go and they rely on their mobile devices to provide quick information and fast answers. Are you ready for when your customer uses their phone to find out the information they need from you?

In a recent report, Pew Internet Research quantified some of those top reasons we turn to mobile phones for “just in time” information/ help.

Pew found that in the last 30 days, 86% of smartphone owners have used their phones in one of the following ways:

  • 41% coordinated a meeting / get-together.
  • 35% solved an unexpected problem that they or someone else had encountered.
  • 30% decided whether to visit a business, such as a restaurant.
  • 23% looked up a score of a sporting event.
  • 20% looked for updates on traffic or public transit information to find the fastest way to get somewhere.
  • 19% got help in an emergency situation via mobile phone.

In fact, Pew found that about 62% of the entire US adult population used their phone for “just-in-time” activities. (View more of the report here. )

I’m sharing this research to spark you to brainstorm about how your company creates positive customer experience via mobile devices. Think about how you can help customers easily access important information via a mobile device. This can be delivered via a mobile optimized website, mobile app, text message or other.

Here are a few ways I see companies helping customers“just in time” and building positive experiences:
• Sears offers text message alerts when the item you ordered online is ready for in store pick up.
• JetBlue has a mobile website that is very easy to use to get flight status updates and more.
• Movietickets.com also has a mobile friendly website to find movies and buy tickets last minute.
• LifeWise (health insurance company in WA) has a mobile app that offers your insurance ID card on phone so you always have it with you.

Two actions you should take:

  1. Create a mobile version of your website – it is a huge help to customers. It also creates a positive customer experience instead of a frustrated one (when a company doesn’t have a mobile optimized website). If you haven’t created a mobile website, please make this an immediate priority. (To make the internal case and to get backing for this investment, check your web analytics tool to see how many hits on your website are from phones and mobile devices.)
  2. Think about how else you could help customers when they are on the go – build up positive customer experiences.