First and foremost I’m a marketer. I love leadership, Social Media, Business, Education etc…but I’m a marketer.

That should explain why I like list blogs, gamification, and I think Klout was/is really on to something.

This past week I was so lucky as to be included in Margie Clayman’s 100 blogs to read from 2011. I was honored to be a part of it.

I was also quite pleased to find myself mentioned in Sean McGinnis’ post reflecting on what he was grateful for in 2011.

Gratitude and appreciation from 2 people that I both like and genuinely respect. Awesome.

Disclaimer: I want to be very clear as you read forward that I have no doubt that the intent of both Sean and Margie was good. Being a fan of both of their work I happen to read and share their posts. It was seeing these posts that simply alerted me to a trend of certain types of blogs yielding higher response rates than others.

As I continue sifting through the stream of blogs being shared across the Social Landscape I couldn’t help but shake my head at the raw number of these types of posts.

For whatever reason, the past week has felt almost as if everyone is creating a “List” of the coolest people they know due to Social Media. If not that exact topic it is an iteration of this to show gratitude or appreciation. (Both things that I believe in BTW)

Sometimes I wonder if gratitude and appreciation shown in this way equates to Follow Friday throwing up on a blog? And I’m not talking about the thoughtful follow Friday like the ones that Gini Dietrich does for Spin Sucks or the ones that Lolly Daskal Tweets. I think those are great ways to show genuine appreciation or admiration. I’m talking about those really thoughtless Follow Fridays that are auto-generated with a list of people and no real mention for why you have included them or recommend them.

As I’ve been watching these posts come out one after another I have also been able to follow the comment stream. (Thanks Livefyre) And I am so happy to see the bloggers come out in full force to comment on these posts. In fact I have myself commented on both of these posts as well as a few of the other “List of People” posts that I wasn’t included on (There were/are many).

Something great has come from this though…I have solved the issue of getting more blog comments. (Of course I as well as all other bloggers can always count on Bruce Sallan, Brian Vickery, and John Boyle for a comment!)
The equation you ask?

I have actually come up with 4. Here they are, let’s monitor and see if they come true?

These formulas work. Click on the examples above and you will see.

How I arrived Here?

At one time I thought that comments could be generated through great content and while that may be true, I read many great blogs that get very few comments. I’d mention names like Kneale Mann, Lincoln Justice, Tobey Deys, among others, but then I would be a hypocrite.

Then I started singing a new tune. I wrote about provocation and its correlation to comments. Ironically, many people disagreed with that, however the post received about 4-5 times more comments than my average post. I still look to people like Danny Brown, and Mark Murnahan.

After that I grew a bit more realistic and started to believe it is not really provoking, rather a “Call it like you see it” approach that will drive the comments. People like Dan Perez, Sam Fiorella, and Carol Roth.

Regardless, I’m convinced that only part of the reason that I don’t get comments is crappy content. The other part is that I need to do more link backs to other more popular blogs and I definitely some more sucking up to the more popular people in the blogging community. You know the bloggers with the great followings whom I’m going to steer away from mentioning such as Jessica Northey, Jay Baer, 12 Most, Pam Moore, and Lori Moreno. (To name just a few)
And To Conclude?

If I wanted to get a great response to a blog, I’d simply do that. I’d sell out. I’d be funny and provocative, while keeping it real and calling it like I’d see it. I’d certainly shoot for the stars with link backs and name dropping, and I’d hope to get a reaction…

So there you have it. If you want more comments simply list, rant, discuss Klout, do social good, link back, name names, and definitely sell out.

After all, everyone is doing it…and you know what…That is A-OK.

Friends and Respected Colleagues –> Did you get your Shout here? Oh the IRONY!!!