Okay, so I’m ALL for coming up with creative ways to engage customers online. In fact, as social media consultants we offer creative ideas and solutions every day. But, when does a creative contest simply become way too much work for the customer?

Companies are forever talking about the ROI of social media. But what about the customer’s return on investment of their time and energy?

Example: Dunkin Donuts Snap, Text & Tweet.

Take a close look at the steps below. Isn’t this a LOT to ask of the customer? 

DD3 How to Mutilate a Social Media Contest

Map it out

When brainstorming contest ideas with your team and ways to engage the customer, try mapping out all the necessary steps AND potential drop out points. Then, look at the end return. Would you go through all this for a chance to win?

DD4 How to Mutilate a Social Media ContestThank you Shannan O. for sending this our way!

megaphone 150x150 How to Mutilate a Social Media ContestYour Turn

So how do YOU keep contests social and simple at the same time?