content marketing tipsAs inbound marketing dominates the digital landscape, we continue to see the advancement of digital publishing tools, analytic suites, and measurement techniques. And while these tools make life easier (such as scheduling your posted content), it also holds the risk of tarnishing your brands personality if not used appropriately. 

As the amount of content audiences are exposed to increases, so does the need to create content that favorites the establishment of a unique brand voice.  

Because humans aren't robots (yet)...this simply can't be accomplished by just plugging data into a scheduling tool. There needs to be original content that is human in nature. 

Content that appeals to human emotions, and is therefore unique and engaging, often falls into the following three categories: 


The Informant

Always educational, this content has the sole purpose of spreading awareness directly related to a specific event/idea.


The Creative

Often seen in the form of timed campaigns and contests, this strikingly original content often provides the highest opportunity for extending a brand's reach and exposure. 



The Entertainer

For many, consuming content is often a direct source of entertainment. Whether it be watching a viral video or creating a meme, people often go to their favorite brands for that brief moment of light-hearted detachment from their day-to-day lives.  


The key to remember when developing any content strategy is to always follow the golden 80/20 rule. Meaning that 80% of your content should be personable and engaging, with only 20% of it being self-promoting.

Strive for engaging relationships that proves neither yourself nor your content is to be automated by a robot...but rather connected through a message.