pinterest businessLast Friday, the Pinterest blog Oh, How Pinteresting! posted a new article describing a few of the steps they’re working on to make Pinterest even more tailored to a pinner’s interests – less pins you don’t want to see and more of the ones you like. While the new changes to the site are certainly going to pique a user’s interest, they provide a series of benefits for the Pinterest for Business crowd as well.

The “Do Not Track” Feature

Enabled in specific web browsers, Pinterest now provides users the option of deciding whether or not they want to be tracked online with a Do Not Track feature. This feature works to disable cookies (and any third parties) from collecting personal information about the pinner. More often than not, few companies allow users the ability to opt out of this kind of tracking because the site itself has to acknowledge a Do Not track function first. For a business Pinterest account, the feature will work to give pinners a choice on whether or not they want to be tracked while visiting the page so that they don’t wind up having profiles of their behavior – the pages they visited, how much time was spent on each one, the number of times they went to a certain site – created by a third party. This choice won’t take away from the experience in visiting the page for a business but will ensure that the browsing behavior of the pinner is kept private.

New “Edit Home Feed” Button

For a bakery business page that pins a lot of pictures and recipes related to baked goods and subsequently follow similar pages, the new Edit Your Home Feed button ensures that your dashboard is full of Pinspiration just how you want it. Personalization is key, as is being able to build up a rapport with other Pinterest business pages. The more a business pins specific pins (like that bakery pinning cupcakes and pies), the more various types of boards containing images of cakes, muffins, and cookies will be recommended to you and your business. And if you often frequent sites that feature a Pin It button for their images for event planning purposes or beyond, Pinterest suggests personalized pins and boards from these sites to ensure that your next event is a success.

iPhone and iPad Shortcuts

Frequently pinning from your phone? There’s a recent update for that and one that Pinterest is referring to as a shortcut for pinners that allows for their pins and likes and repins to be sent a little faster than usual. Press down on the touchscreen until a menu fans out, with tiny icons allowing you to pin, like, or send the image and pick one of the three options listed from there. The site also adds that the shortcut works whether you’re on your home feed or on a different board, ensuring that your boards will never have to go a moment without staying up to date.