One of the most important goals for a small business is ensuring growth and popularity. To be able to connect with existing customers and potential consumers and establishing a relationship can be extremely beneficial for any business to flourish. One the best ways to achieve this is to make use of the potential that popular social media sites such as Twitter have to offer. Twitter is not very difficult to use, if learnt and employed correctly it can prove to be the right step that your business needs to reach new heights of success by helping you connect with customers and strengthening your message.

Tweet for your business

Regular tweeting about your business and issues that are relevant is a great way to capture people’s attention to what you have to offer. Retweeting famous celebrities and recognized icons are the best way to grab attention. One of the greatest practices that can be done along with this is adding in your own comments at the end, enclosed within brackets. Using hashtags in your tweets are the best way to make your readers aware of the context of your tweet. According to Twitter, tweets that include a hashtag followed by a keyword can dramatically increase the popularity and following that tweets can achieve. Using appropriate hashtags can help in organization of a conversation and can bring together all people that are interested in a specific common topic.

 Tweeting and retweeting

Getting your tweets retweeted should be one of your main aims. Tweets that have been retweeted can gain a huge audience, which in turn can drastically increase the reach of your brand name. When you are reading something that is related to your business that you feel is interesting enough to share, make sure that you include the URL along with your Tweet. According to statistics there are twice the number of people that will reply to you or retweet you if you include a URL. If you decide to use Twitter to help enhance your business potential it is very important that you remember to log in daily and engage with your followers. It is very easy to fall a victim to using auto-reply software when you have to deal with a lot of replies and following. Messages sent through such software are easily recognizable and comes across as very impersonal. Such practices can adversely affect the following you have.

Credibility through Twitter

Establishing credibility and publishing content, which is of high quality is very important for you to achieve the maximum out of your business’ Twitter account. Using Twitter and integrating this social media platform into your customer service strategy has proved to be extremely efficient and effective. Promoting Tweets that you know will be well accepted in the community can be the perfect start for gaining a base of followers and achieving popularity over a larger community. Having your Twitter profile redirect to your own website can help your business website gain recognition as well.

Having a set of faithful followers and customers can be extremely helpful to get good reviews. Positive reviews about your work are extremely beneficial for new customers to begin to trust you. This holds true whether you have a small part time business or even a web hosting service which can help you set up a new website. Trustworthy reviews for such hosting services can be found on sites such as Having a reliable website will help build credibility and trust with your followers.

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