Social media has become like a third arm for most of us, one we can’t live without. We check it daily, even hourly, hungry for the latest update. So it’s only normal that we want to know what’s been going on with our favorite social media websites. This infographic presented by The Seo Company highlights the state of our favorite social sites in 2012 and the SEO services they can provide.

There is, of course, the Facebook monster who is still going strong. The Facebook timeline was introduced in the beginning of 2012 with mixed reviews. Facebook seems to always be changing its layout and format, yet it doesn’t stop people from indulging in the constant stream of status updates, pictures and videos.

What about Google+? Well other than the cool fact that President Obama was the first to hold an all-virtual interview with U.S. citizens using Google+ Hangouts, the fairly new social media site has been more of a flop than anything. An example of its floppiness - People’s Republic of China took advantage of G+’s lax censorship and began posting off-topic comments on Barack Obama’s official election campaign pages. Not cool People’s Republic of China.

In March, Kony 2012 blew up on YouTube. If you haven’t seen it you must be living under a rock. The viral campaign video now has over 87 million views. In April, Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion. The monster was hungry yet again.

The future of social media? Well, it’s obvious it’s not going anywhere. If it ever went away people might have withdraws and things could get nasty. But, let’s not even think about that. Social apps banking will continue to grow in the mobile world, the SoMoClo (Social Media Cloud) will be unstoppable and change how we do business.

View the infographic below to find out more about your favorite social media sites. 

The State of Social Media 2012 by The SEO Company
The State of Social Media 2012 by The SEO Company