Culture of Content Creation 

The Culture of Content Creation is a video series about people who make their own digital content to share with the world — such as blogs, podcasts, wiki entries, online product reviews or videos — to learn why they do it, what they find rewarding, and how they view their role in the world. Started in early 2008, this cultural media project from Elastic Lab continues today, reflecting changes in technology, knowledge and the social fabric of the Internet. 

"It's a volunteer mentality," takes a look at YouTube video creator Tim Wilson. Tim creates videos online to help teach people how to play the guitar. He works through different songs and creates videos around these particular songs so that he can spread his knowledge on how to play them. His videos are simple but he has gotten a lot of positive feedback from people who enjoy the lessons he gives online. Tim goes deeper into the ramifications of this type of interaction on the web by discussing the dichotomy between real life personalities vs. online personalities. He finds that people are more honest and helpful on the internet and that most individuals have a more genuine persona. Tim goes on that the real benefit of creating these videos is that it's a win-win situation for both the filmmaker and the viewer. By doing something enjoyable and helping others it creates a powerful dialogue between strangers. So grab your guitar and pick along to, "It's a volunteer mentality."