ImageAfter Facebook’s hidden-away option to ‘get notifications’ (see our blog post last month), comes Google+ and a great big loud ‘ Adjust the volume on Google+ circles ‘ message, which greeted me recently:

Apparently it’s been around since at least September, but I hadn’t clocked it.  I’m very glad I know about it now though: with the advent of Google+ Communities, it’s going to get ever noisier in there.

You get a choice about how you want to hear from each of your circles in your home stream: the options being:

  • Show nothing from [circle] in your Home stream
  • Show some posts from [circle] in your Home stream
  • Recommended: Show most posts from  [circle] in your Home stream
  • Show every post from  [circle] in your Home stream
  • Also subscribe to notifications from all new posts
Well done Google. Good move. I definitely have circles who post little, but whom I don’t want to miss (Family for example). So for those I’d choose ‘notify’. Other circles are wider and noisier, and it’s good for me to be able turn them down a little. For circles like this, I’d choose ‘most’ . Of course you can always left-click on a circle to see all the posts: this is just your home stream you’re adjusting.
How to adjust the volume on Google+ circles:
  1. Choose ‘circles’ from the left hand options

2. Rightclick the circle you want and choose ‘View stream for this circle’

3.  Adjust the settings in the top right corner


Try it – does it make your stream a little more manageable?

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