I miss summer already but I’m trying not to dwell or be miserable. Especially because where I live we’re having a pretty fantastic October!

There is a silver lining though, one thing we all have to look forward to are the Holidays!!

Have you begun to plan your holiday season campaign yet? If not, don’t despair, there is still time.

Lets take a look at some interesting Pinterest stats to see if we can’t get inspired.

English: Red Pinterest logo

Why Pinterest?

1)Conversion rates for Pinterest traffic are 50% higher than conversion rates from other traffic and Pinterest is the top converting social media site for “Top of the Funnel” advertising.

In other words Pinterest drives more traffic.  Which is of course what you ultimately want, people to go to your website to purchase whatever it is you’re selling.

2) Pinterest buyers spend more money, more often, on more items than any of the other top 5 social media sites.

I think that this stat really speaks for itself. Obviously if Pinners are spenders, then you’ll want to hang out with them.

3) 47% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from Pinterest.

So what this tells us is that people trust their Pinterest networks to recommend quality products. Having images that are repinned regularly potentially increases the level of trust in that product.

4) Pinterest generates 4x more revenue (per click) than Twitter and 27% more per click than Facebook. 

Pinterest is often referred to as a “top of the funnel” channel. It sends so much more traffic (new, potential customers) to your site and as such is a strong lead generator. Its “top of the funnel” qualities are what make it so attractive to online sellers.

And Finally

5) 80% of total pinterest pins are repins.

Which means the possibility of your images being repined it pretty darn high!

There you have it; 5 Pinterest stats to consider as you plan your holiday campaign, perhaps working a Pinterest plan into your social media strategy is a good idea this holiday season!