Vine has gone mainstream, but was it ready to be pushed out to the Android market? There is one feature the Vine iPhone App has that the Android App does not have which makes trying to find people or businesses on the Android App extremely difficult. If the Android App is not updated quickly, users may lose patience with the app and decide not to return.

swirly vine image courtesy: mckenna71 via stock.xchngFinding people on Vine App for iPhone vs. Android

On the iPhone App, users can hit “Explore”. At the top of the screen there is a search bar to find people or businesses. Users can type in the name of person or company, call them up and follow them. This isn’t the case with the Android App. The Android App does not have the search bar in the “Explore” tab. In fact, the Android App does not have a search bar at all!
Other bugs when trying to find people on Vine Android

If this isn’t enough, what makes it even harder to find someone on Vine Android is the app does not appear to connect with the Google address book properly. Users receive a message none of their contacts are on Vine when this is clearly not the case.  Secondly when connecting Vine to Twitter, If a user’s Vine handle is different from their Twitter handle , Vine Android will not call up the user to follow.  For users interested in following a company, sending a text or email is also probably not an option unless they know who to send it to.  So how do you find someone when you don’t have a search bar and the other ways won’t seem to work?

The solution: How to “find people” who can’t be found

The best way to find people on the Vine Android App until the search feature is added and bugs are worked out is by locating another user you can follow who may have a first or second association with your intended target. Call up their profile. Locate your intended targets through their account.

Sound time consuming and complicated? While we know it’s not the answer you were hoping for, it’s the only answer which appears to work for now.

What do you think of the Vine App for Android?  Have you been able to locate the people you are trying to follow? Express your thoughts below. We want to hear your feedback.

image courtesy: swirly vine from mckenna71 via stock.xchng