Hesitation can be a concern.  The benefits of posting blogs, videos, podcasts, and more are huge.  It is like a large train, and if you don't step on, you are missing the benefits.

Some people that I speak to, or chat with, really want things to be perfect before they jump in.  I agree that you have to make sure that you language can be understood, and that you are a fairly good speller.  You need to understand your topics, and be clear in your delivery.

However, you can't really learn how to do a better job until you JUMP IN!  I had been doing radio interviews on a local station for almost 4 years.  I took time off to retool my show, and wait for the best internet platform to start again.  My first few shows were not perfect, but I learned and got better and better with every show.

When I look at my older video blogs, they were not perfect, either.  Part of me wanted to wait until I was better, but you don't get better until you do it and practice and adjust.  I toyed with different backdrops for when I used my webcam, and found that it was really better NOT to be creative with that.

It took me a while to find my voice as a blogger.  I was stiff and factual at first, and eventually relaxed and found a way to express my opinions and stay true to my professional and personal viewpoints.

It is wonderful on the internet, because we have so many opportunities to be here. be out in front, learn, change and grow.  I am on my 25th version of a website for the same business that has been learning, growing, and changing as well.  The last 2 years, that website has morphed into a Wordpress Blog with static pages hosted on my own account.  I am on my 3rd theme, and now it is a customized theme.  Far different from the static brochure type website that I started with more than 10 years ago that cost a fortune to design, maintain, and (God Forbid) update!

You will find your voice as you blog, do videos, podcasts or voice blogs, and more. 

Until you do, just don't do anything bizarre or pornographic, or too far out, because as you learn and grow and get older - they will still be out there somewhere!

You will get better, and better, and find your tribe online.  You will attract people with similar views, similar interests, clients and customers for what you have to promote.  You can learn from untold hundreds of wonderful teachers online through blogs, videos, and more.  Everyone gets better quickly.

Don't wait until you are perfect.  You will miss out on a lot of good stuff, and fun.

Dr. Sally Witt

Social Networking Coach