You probably didn’t notice, but the biggest sporting event of the year just took place. Ah, yes. The Super Bowl: America’s golden child of sports and commercialism. How is this famous sporting event similar to Social Media, you ask? Here’s how:

social media and football have in common

Practice Makes Perfect

  • Football players don’t become superstars overnight; they hit the gym and are on the field daily to improve their skills.
  • This means that in order to become a Social Media superstar, it’s imperative to make a presence online by participating in conversations, and (even better) starting your own.

Bring Your A-game

  • Even the best players have an off day, but it’s always important to be prepared.
  • By creating compelling content and contributing to the online world, you will be prepared with the goods necessary to increase interaction and following with others.

Competition Is Fierce

  • It’s no secret that football teams closely inspect their competitors for strengths and weaknesses.
  • Investigate your competition. Follow suit when you see something that’s working for them, but one-up them by improving their method in some way.
  • Notice their weaknesses and areas you can capitalize on to hit their untapped potential.

Multiple Ways to Tackle an Issue

  • Coaches have a database of potential plays to solve an issue, and they vary their methods to be less predictable.
  • Be proactive in your Social Media plan by predicting potential disasters and have plans in place for how you’re going to address them.

Celebrate Your Successes

  • From victory dances to celebratory trips to Disney World, football stars never fall short when it comes to celebrating successes.
  • When your brand is successful in some way, through reaching goals or hitting a benchmark, be sure to celebrate!