The Internet is an ongoing conservation full of ideas, news and tools. The conversations is always happening and now Google+ is a way to participate in the dialogue of exchanging ideas.

Top 10 People To Add To Your Google+ Circles

For social media marketers, it’s important to tune into the leaders in your field.

Below is our list of the top 10 “influencers” on Goole+ in SEO and social media.

1. Matt Cutts - 166,544 have Matt in circles: Head of the webspam team at Google. "If you type your name into Google and get porn back, it's his fault."

2. Rand Fishkin - 33,701 have Rand in circles: CEO and founder of SEOmoz. He tweets primarily on inbound marketing, SEO, startups and entrepreneurship.

3. Danny Sullivan - 626,948 have Danny in circles: Editor of He covers Google, SEO, PPC and all aspects of search engines and search marketing.

4. Lee Odden - 11,365 have Lee in circles: CEO of @TopRank Online Marketing. He focuses on search, social media and content marketing.

5. Mari Smith - 55,503 have Mari in circles: Passionate social media leader, Facebook marketing and relationship marketing speaker and author.

6. Michael Q Todd - 7,001 have Michael Q. in circles: CEO of NPO Index on Empire Ave. He is a Twitter strategist and author.

7. Stefan Keuchel - 19,566 have Stefan in circles: PR Manager Google Germany. He is a Twitter and online strategist.

8. David Jacobs - 4,377 have David in circles: Software Engineer. He is a programmer and social network specialist.

9. Jaana Nyström - 29,487 have Jaana in circles: Content curator, social media writer, consultant.

10. Natalie Villalobos - 125,562 have Natalie in circles: Community Manager for Google+. She started +Handmade, a community for makers, crafters, tinkerers, and foodies.

We hope you embrace this list and participate in online conversations with Google+. Let us know what other heavyweights we have left out of the social media influencer list!