New marketing involves stories. That is why it is so important to tell a story with a human side that resonates with people. If we add the potential of video marketing to this, the combination can lead to powerful storytelling through video.

How to Create Storytelling Through Video Marketing

Below are 15 clues to do some storytelling through video marketing. My approach you already know: always remain human.

1. The video must be short, no more than 1:59 min. Short but intense. However, although some longer videos can also work, I don’t recommend they exceed 3:30 min.

2. I would advise that it includes short sequences explaining the “before” and at the end, the “after”. Short, direct sequences.

3. Use effects you can create like underwater scenes or lots of people running…

4. It is important that at some point in the video the music is turned off so that you can appreciate the voice of the people taking part in the video, an unexpected phrase, a scream, a song, etc.

5. One of the video’s main objectives is to pull at the audience’s heart strings. There are certain scenes like reunions, someone falling, hugs or hard work that help us reach our audience more directly. Similarly with tragic events or stories.

6. Try not to mix the different stages of the video, place them in chronological order in order to differentiate them.

7. Don’t include any fillers! There’s only room for something amazing, remember you only have 1:30 min to tell a fascinating story.

8. Don’t focus the story on yourself. Speaking of others makes the story better.

9. Music is one of the key elements. It is as important as the story you create or the quality of the video. The music should reach the audience as much as the image, or even more. If the music doesn’t make your hairs stand on end, why should it have that effect on the audience? Epic, solemn, fun music… there are so many styles. The aim is to convey an inspiring and amazing story.

10. The start of the video can explain that everything is impossible but, as the story unfolds, it should explain that if you can, then it’s possible.

11. Be careful with effects, flash lights or other lights that can create lines on the video images.

12. I always speak of the moments of truth: special moments that set the video apart. It can be a gesture, a phrase, a hug, a kiss, a silence. Whatever it is, it must be human.

13. Sometimes, you might need titles or captions to tell your story; or perhaps not. I recommend you leave this till the end. First see a rough cut and then analyse whether they’re necessary or not.

14. The challenge of a good story should be to connect with people and to convey emotions. The context you use may vary; for instance: anything is possible, you can really make something happen.

15. A story can be told in many different ways. However, you’ll only make a connection by making it human.

Examples of Storytelling in Video Marketing

Hereherehereherehere and here [Spanish video] are some videos that may serve as example. Some are our own creation; others, we’ve found.