How you are not ready for TimelineTimeline for brands has come in and all Facebook page owners will see their pages switch over on 30 March.

We all know there will be no default landing tabs and instead everyone will land on your Timeline (wall); what you probably won't know is that come 30 March your old tabs will not only be ineffective but they will break.

Why your tabs will not work

Even if you direct people to a tab where it prompts people to Like you through a hyperlink or through advertising - as it's no longer the default tab - it won't work for 3 reasons.

1. The Like button is in the top right now and not in the top left / middle.
2. Your tab won't use the full dimensions as they've increased from 520 to 810 pixels in width
3. Tabs don't refresh upon being Liked so you would have to ask people to Like and then refresh the page otherwise they will be left staring at a fan gated tab.

How to make the most of apps

Clearly the focus has shifted from getting people to Like you from tabs - now known as apps - to getting people to connect with the content and actions that matter. You can do this with apps which utilise the full 810 pixel width to showcase your products and services - with an incentive, like a discount - and creating a funnel for visitors to your page. The only example I have seen of a page making the most of the new app system is Get More Fans Today:

Facebook Timeline Apps tabs

Are you ready for Timeline? How are you going to make the most of Facebook apps on your page?