Creativity can sometimes be hard to put in a bottle, package and present to a client. As digital producers, we have certain content we must capture and we also have content we want to produce that is the “above and beyond” our client never dreams about but becomes ecstatic over once it is presented. It’s that x-factor we always want to have in our work. But how much is too much? How do we balance x-factor content with what is asked of us from the client? “Breadcrumb producing” is the art of generating the content that is needed while also generating small pieces of creative content (not asked for by the client) that can also be presented. Below are 4 reasons “breadcrumb producing” is the answer to these questions:

1. It’s the perfect balance

This style of producing will allow you to balance both what you must get done and what you want to do that is extra. If you take the mindset of “Ok, let me lock the content I need, and get some extra content I think will provide a lot of value” you will find that your end result is a good one.

2. It’s manageable

“Breadcrumbing” can actually help you with time management. Knowing that you have to get “x” amount of this and “x” amount of that will help bucket everything you need, whether it is written content or multimedia content.

3. It follows the “under-promise, over-deliver” rule

This is one of those sayings that some don’t agree with, but I completely support. Always tee yourself up for success. No, that does not mean when discussing deliverables you should sell yourself short, but it does mean that you should promise certain basics while some big ideas rattle around in the back of your head.

4. On a whole, it will better your reputation as a content producer 

After you abide by this style, others will notice it. I promise. And the balance of being able to deliver what is specifically asked for AND some extra on top will go a long way in terms of personal word-of-mouth.