Sometimes, when my traffic is sinking, or I don’t get any comments on a post, I feel I failed as a writer and social media commentator.  If people ignore my posts, what’s the point of writing?  If I can’t attract an audience, should I even be in this world of “Look at me! Look at me!  LOOK AT ME!” social media?

And then I remember that there is only one way to fail in social media: Quitting.

Quitting is the end of communication.  It’s the point where you decide it’s not worth it to send out messages, but rather shut up and pack up.  Instead of trying something new, or sticking to what you do best, you stop and let it decompose, like a corpse in the middle of the street.

Giving up allows other people to tell your story.  Can you trust what they will have to say?

You do not need to communicate all the time, and you do not need to be on every social network.  Sometimes you have to let go of a social network and go to another one.  Stick to your principles and what you enjoy.  That will take you far.

You have your own story to tell.  Write your own story on the internet, and don’t let it die.

Whatever else you do, don’t quit and let other people tell your story for you.