Relationships were never easy.  Facebook made them ridiculously harder.

Back in 2004, before Facebook had news feeds and was for college kids only, my friend had a Facebook stalker.  When she ended her relationship, she changed her Facebook status from “In a relationship” to “single.”  Within an hour, she had received two calls and a texts from that stalker asking her out, while condolences poured in slowly over the next week.    

Things only got worse for relationships when Facebook’s news feed came along. Suddenly, your relationship status now played publicly for any of your “friends.”  Instead of people finding out slowly when a relationship has fallen apart, it now is blasted out for the entire internet to read and comment on, whether directly or indirectly.  This isn’t anything entirely new.  People have always gossiped and talked about other people’s affairs, but it now we can read and react instantaneously.

In the age of personal branding, it seems such a strange piece of very intimate and personal information that is out there for people to “like” and comment on.  Facebook is fun, but where’s the fun in dragging your relationships out in front of the whole internet?