One of the biggest challenges facing businesses is a lack of understanding of the true scope of social media. Everyone knows it's something important but all too often when it's time for the decision makers to choose how to proceed, they either turn it into a broadcasting platform or dip their toes in.

When the success doesn't come, they scratch their heads.

Those who are charged with putting together social media campaigns and running the online presence of a business need tools to help them make their bosses understand just how big social media is. We have all heard the basic numbers - a billion Facebook users, half a billion Twitter users, thousands of hours of YouTube watched per second, etc. - but it's often hard to help those who are not immersed in the various mediums to understand exactly how fast it all moves. As a result, it's hard to find the right pace at which the business social media presence should be engaging.

In this infographic by Social Jumpstart, the numbers are broken down minute by minute. It can help those in the corner office get a better understanding of how to distribute the appropriate resources to those charged with making the company shine on Pinterest, Foursquare, and other social media sites that aren't necessarily at the forefront of thought but that have their distinct place in a proper social media strategy.

Some of the numbers will probably blow the minds of even the most seasoned social media professional.

Social Media Minute