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In this show, the Courageous CEO, Robbin Phillips of Brains on Fire, shares insights on how you can craft great Word of Mouth movements. Please click the button in the lower right to maximize the window for optimal viewing. Also note the camera changes, B-roll content and green room (off screen staging area) just like a network TV show. This is why Marketing Made Simple TV is "TV on the Web."

In this show, you'll learn:

1) The differences between movements and campaigns

2) Why Movements happen off-line and not on-line.

3) How Movements Help Your Advocates Feel Like Rock-Stars

During the show, you can download a free first chapter of the Brains on Fire book by clicking the Yes, Please button in the show. For an interesting take on the show, check out The Surprising Story of Marketing Made Simple TV Marketing Made Simple TV is brought to you by Find New Customers, now part of The Pedowitz Group (http://www.pedowitzgroup.com) and is made possible by show sponsors. Please visit them.