If you’ve seen the Day of Week data from Hubspot’s social media scientist, @DanZarrella, then you know that the weekends are the best time to publish your blog. As you see from the chart here, weekends are not just a bit better – they’re a LOT better.

Why is this so? As Dan points out in his book, The Science of Marketing, business people are busy Monday through Friday. Their only leisure time to do research is on the weekend. This is compounded by the fact most business people have smartphones today, so it is easy to do research anytime of the day or night.

This blog also publishes on the weekend, but it is also critical to our SEO campaigns for Find New Customers. We have carefully optimized this blog for a couple of keywords.

The cornerstone keywords at Fearless Competitor

Sales Lead Generation is one of the two main keywords we use at Find New Customers, around which we designed a cornerstone page.

But when is the best time to post? This Tweetchart analysis also offers some interesting data.


Source: DanZarrella.com

In addition to having a blog that posts regularly, every business needs to pick keywords that fit two competing criteria:

  1. High in popularity (A search term does no good if no one is using it.)
  2. Low in competitiveness (How aggressively are your competitors targeting it?)

That explains why we selected “digital marketing” and “sales lead generation” for Find New Customers. Each was high in popularity and moderate in competitiveness. By not only selecting using these terms, but also building “cornerstone pages” around those terms, we’re using the process recommended by top expert Brian Clark (@copyblogger) to build our search traffic.

What do you think? What is your option of our SEO strategy at Find New Customers? We love to read your comments and appreciate those who share our posts on social media.

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