Use the News to Capture Free Publicity for your Company

David Meerman Scott (@dmscott), who was interviewed by Jeff Ogden, President of the lead generation company Find New Customers via Skype at Social Media Camp NYC, has a new book, Newsjacking. I just purchased it on my iPad and read it. Why don’t you do that too?

(I intend to discuss this idea in my keynote presentation at the BMA-NJ Social Media Symposium next Tuesday. We’re also using this in our new client engagement.)

But the idea is simple, and David explains it well in this post.

Newsjacking: How to Inject your Ideas into a Breaking News Story and Generate Tons of Media Coverage

The idea is for companies to take breaking news and use it using blogs, social media, press releases and speaking opportunities to get on top of a story and engage.  In fact, I was attending a Marketing Hybrid meeting in NYC, talking to a CMO of a large insurance firm. He asked “What is truly new and interesting in marketing?” to his associate. She shrugged her shoulders.  I told him about Newsjacking. He said “Wow! That’s awesome.”

David’s graphic below explains it well.

But the most important factor is how quickly you react to the news. As this graphic shows, the life of a news story is brief.


As David explains in the book, you have an opportunity to capture the second paragraph of news stories. The first paragraph lists the key facts of the story, but the second paragraph explains why it happened and what the impact is. It is that second paragraph where Newsjacking can insert your expertise.

Buy the book Newsjacking, read it and use the ideas in your business too.

We also invite you to visit our incredibly simple home page at Find New Customers and check out our new SCORE demand generation program too.

What do you think of the Newsjacking idea? We love to read comments and appreciate those who share on social media.