ImageIf Facebook hasn’t taken on enough already, Mr. Zuckerberg is on his way to becoming a political organizer.

Wall Street Journal announced that Zuckerberg and fellow tech industry leaders are organizing a political group (unnamed until is formal announcement sometime in the near future) that will challenge such topics as education and immigration. The group plans to register as a 501(c)(4), which is relatively reserved for social welfare groups that are not organized for profit.

Zuckerberg in the political world? What does a 28-year-old billionaire owner of a social media company know about politics?

Now I have always been a fan of Zuckerberg. His arrogance and ambition could have helped Ned Stark keep his head if you know what I mean. But furthermore, Zuckerberg is an activist in a way, looking to improve anything and everything about his company and please the people that use his product. Zuckerberg’s passion for change could serve as a vital component to his political group’s views and platforms. Not for nothing, his influence can have an impact on political figures as well. (I’ll delete your account if you don’t increase education budgets!)

We have seen, many times before in the past, billionaires jump into the political arena, looking to make the changes that this country needs or wants – Ross Perot, Ralph Nader, and Donald Trump to name a few – but why does Mark Zuckerberg seem like such an obvious choice?

Zuckerberg has proven himself to be quite the organizer with the success of his Hackathons and bringing Facebook into the public sector. His innovation and creative background have helped him become the CEO of one of the world’s most popular social networks to date.

Though the political group is in its fetal stages, it is gaining support and momentum. Will this political move be the catalyst for a presidential candidacy? In 12 years, will we see a Facebook presidential platform? Like if you do.

image: lev radin /