Today is the day. Facebook’s IPO has opened. When the stock began trading at 11:30 a.m. ET on Friday, the first trade came in at $42.05 per share -- a gain of nearly 11%. Zuckerberg’s empire will become the largest tech IPO in history and not all of us really have a clue as to what this means to the world. However, we do know that this incredible trading circus will make a lot of rich folk that much richer.

Which celebrities own stock in Facebook? Bono does. At a net worth of $900 million this U2 singer is set to make an incredible killing if his investment company, Elevation Partners, played their cards right. The exact figures of Bono’s earnings won’t be known exactly but speculate if you wish.

Peter Thiel, cofounder of Pay-Pal who has been on the board since 2004, will be cashing in on the IPO and will make almost $640 million.

With the IPO finally here, was there ever a chance for the average Facebook users to ever have a chance at making money off of Facebook? It seems to me that if you were not in the right Facebook Group you didn’t have a chance. With 900 million users on the social media site it is a wonder that there are not any other millionaires walking away from this IPO. With Success stories like Zuckerberg’s the masses can continue to sit on the sidelines and watch the celebrities’ wallets’ girth grow.

While the rich keep getting richer, the Facebook profiles keep getting flashier. Hit ‘Like’ if you wish you had a chance to get rich. If you like this, you obviously missed out.