Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Don't create too many groups, forums, pages, and other places for your tribes to gather

When creating your own groups/pages be aware that there may already be better existing locations that your target tribes are frequenting. It can be much better to use your resources to help manager your presence by having members of your team take part in already existing group locations. They are able to nudge your message and interact with potential customers in a more neutral location. It is much better to be taken seriously in an already existing environment than try to create your own environment and hope that people will come to your location instead of the already existing locations.

If you do create your own social groups, don't create too many. Trying to manage numerous FaceBook or LinkedIn groups or Blogs is an unneeded burden. Instead create a singular methodology to focus your efforts and build it out as a complete interactive package. It is much better to have 10,000 followers in a single location than 2000 followers in five locations. Synergy baby synergy...

Don't be a chatter box

Emailing, tweeting, texting and all the other forms of quick communication can be overdone. Make certain that every time you communicate you are giving value and not just idle chatter.

FaceBook dos and don'ts

LIKES on FaceBook need to be built with content not promotions. If you are trying to build your LIKES presence, do so with great content and creative marketing. Don't use cheap contest or drawing. FaceBook frowns on using promotions or backhanded ways to increase your LIKES presence. Check out you want the details.

Keep your page information up to date. This means all the information Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How!

The wall is not your wall. If people can't freely post to it then they will probably not hang around your page. Remember, once you go social media you must accept the good comments along with the bad.

Share your LIKES. You need to comment and press the LIKE button on other FaceBook pages. Not necessarily your competition, but all the near industry and support industries that keep your business running.

All the programs must support each other.
Every website, group, page, or whatnot must be cross linked to each other. And this linking needs to be on the landing pages not buried in some obscure dark corner.

It is like the children's song - The leg bone is connected to the thigh bone. The same holds true for the social media body. The website is connected to the FaceBook page...the FaceBook page is connected to the Blog....the Blog is connected to the website....

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