Trending Topics #socbiz

There are so many blogs out there. What is going to make your content so valuable that people will not only take the time to read it, they will also vouch for it and share it to their followers? It has to add value or teach your audience something useful for them to want to share it to their audience. I have specialized audiences whom I send very specific topics to so I use hashtags to reach them  because whenever I publish something I think is of particularly value to them. If I am right, it often gets circulated and invites an engaged response.

One of the key attributes of creating compelling content for Social Media is that it needs to be essentially real-time and on trend. This means, you do not "always" have a lead time of several months to produce a content, and, this also translates to the fact that the content created for Social Media need not be flashy and expensive. The content that engages your community and, influences them to participate, share and eventually, makes them take desired actions are regular nuggets of information or teasers that are highly relevant, non-intrusive, non-disruptive and provide value.

Twitter Trends

Monitor Twitter hashtags and ensure that you choose the trending conversations that you’re going to join wisely. Is the conversation relevant to your followers? Will it get them talking? For example, This weekend in the US #pacquiao has been trending. If you run a pub or restaurant with a TV, this hashtag would be ideal for you to jump on board with while it’s trending.

If you want to add longevity to your posts and have visitors going to your content for eons, then you must ensure it's "evergreen" and does not contain content that will date itself over s short period of time or even at all. This often requires selection of trending topics that reoccur and have a steady presence in Google and social media search results.