Now that social media gives customers a powerful voice, companies have to adapt to this multi-channel revolution rather than rely on traditional forms of communicating. Today's buyers understand that sales and marketing now take place in environments where data about them is readily available. But perhaps more importantly, customers have a global “bully pulpit” to communicate their feelings about your product or service -- good and bad -- in an instant. Engaging such customers requires considerable savvy and a commitment to organize your business in an entirely new way. At the recent Pivot conference on social business, Paul Greenberg, author of "CRM at the Speed of Light" and a leading analyst on CRM, spoke with me about the new phenomenon of The Social Customer.

Also, hot off the press, we’ve just completed an extensive survey about social customer service with nearly 600 respondents from around the world. Paul Greenberg, along with Brent Leary, and Becky Carroll weighed in with their insights. Leading social managers from LL Bean, Best Buy, Dell, and Jet Blue provided case studies about what they are doing at their companies. We invite you to continue this conversation with us, as well as to peruse the report, by following this link.This exclusive whitepaper provides current insight on use and effectiveness of social media tools for customer service. Paul Greenberg calls the report "One of the more valuable business studies that you'll see this or any year."