Large deals don't have to take an eternity to close. Learn why in this episode of the Sales Management Minute.

"Seven-figure decision in seven minutes, No way – can’t be done!" That’s probably what you are thinking. It can be done and is done weekly on the show Shark Tank.

In each episode, small business owners pitch their businesses to investors much like salespeople pitch their products to prospects. Within just a few minutes, a decision is made to invest or not – with some receiving seven-figure payouts.

Those that receive the investment know what is most important to the investors. Those who don’t know their numbers, the market, and the competitive landscape – feel the jaws of the checkbook clamp shut.

Salespeople suffer the same consequences when they don’t know what prospects expect them to know about their businesses, the industry and about their respective roles in the company. These salespeople get eaten alive by prospects.

Invest the time to master your buyers and align your selling strategy with what is most important to them.  It will help you take a big bite out of your annual sales goal.

See you next time on the Sales Management Minute.