I ran six miles today and cut about a minute per mile off my time from last week. This probably says more about my speed last week than it does how fast I went today, but I cut that time off by watching coaching videos on YouTube. I couldn’t have done this ten years ago (when I was running for Army physical fitness tests) without seeking expertise of a running coach or expert, but it was as simple as sitting down for a couple of hours and finding some good content to watch.

I bring this up in the context of this Millennial infographic because I opine that Millennials get a bad rap. Millennials have lightning speed adaptability and by all measures have the capability to be far more innovative and smarter than their predecessors, yet they are collectively demonized despite the fact that they work in under-engaging jobs and are held to standards set by employees with relatively less capability than they have.

I like how this infographic breaks down the current state of Millennials, because I think the under-engagement and under-utilization are likely causes of (at least some of) their dubious reputation.

I’m curious to know your thoughts on this (or if you have tips to get my run cadence up). :)


Infographic by Badgeville