Community management has always been an integral part of an entire social media marketing campaign. International brands such as Dell and Gatorade have been at the forefront of community management by launching Mission Control Centers that monitor and engage with customers on the planet.

Arguably, Dell’s active user engagement has paved the way for other brands to utilize social media platforms to improve marketing and PR. It’s a must to leverage the social networks for increased brand awareness through establishing a relevant followers or fans. But after garnering a huge fanbase on Facebook, what would a community manager do to 10,000 fans to complement a business’s social media outreach?

In a new study from social media strategy firm Momentus Media called Engagement and Interaction: A Scientific Approach to Facebook Marketing, Facebook page administrators' most frequently asked questions are all rolled down. Momentus accumulated a database of top 20,000 Facebook Pages and their posts. For every analysis they analyzed between 10,000-250,000 Facebook posts. The study aims to answer what every Facebook community manager is asking with definitive answers from scientific analysis.


I’ve been seeing tons of sites and software that offer a promise that they’ll be giving you thousands of followers in a matter of days. But I reckon it’s not proper and is considered the equivalent of the SEO world’s black hat. Community management and high-level of user engagement sets the tone and direction of how a Facebook page will fare in the long run.

Of course, we don’t expect all brands and businesses to get 10,000 followers in a snap unless their companies are called Nike or Coke, but the idea of being patient and taking the right systematic approach to gaining fans will pay off in the long run.