Apple is the Coke of all gadgets we use the Internet for. It may not be true for Android and Blackberry users, which is why Google and Rim came up with tablets of their own. Brand proliferation depends on whether you can turn a person into a potential customer or a mere passerby. As the Web become more social and brands enter the age of social business, I have to ask, how is Google proliferating itself in the social media arena? Image

When Google+ was launched early this month, you’d think it’s Google’s answer to Facebook. Twitter wasn’t really compared that much to Google+, so a user will really think that Google+ is aimed to be fierce competitor to Facebook. The answer is – NO. It just happens that Facebook is the sole networking platform dominating social media today. Would we see the same scenario if MySpace and Friendster were still around? I bet not.

So why does Google even came up with its own social networking site? On the Web, traffic is money and domination, a company dominates with traffic. Traffic will always mean money on the Internet. Today, the Internet has become a destination location, I reckon that Internet usage has increased when the Facebook craze came into play. This is the very reason why Facebook is bent on monopolizing the Internet and wipe the open web out.

Let’s face it, social media platforms drive a sporadic share of traffic on the internet. Traffic is domination. Google launched Google+ to etch is face on the social media sphere. The same goes with Google Offers and Google Wallet. The funny thing is, it doesn’t think that it needs to compete with Facebook, Foursquare, and Groupon, what Google simply wants to do is to proliferate its brand. Establish your brand’s presence in every social platform to pull traffic from other companies. Divide and conquer. Google just gave it a whole new meaning.