getglue screengrab 229x300 Is GetGlue in the Middle of a Customer Service Meltdown?

UPDATE: at 7:30pm EDT on Sunday May 26th, the PR Manager for GetGlue responded to this on Twitter, letting me know that the issue had been resolved. I invited her to comment on this post.


Is GetGlue in the middle of a customer service meltdown? And if they are– do they even know it?

Since Friday afternoon, I have received 108 notification emails from the social networking site for TV fans (it works by allowing users “check in” to shows they’re watching and share that information with their friends). Turns out, I’m not the only one – a quick Twitter search reveals dozens of others with the same problem. Many of them have deleted their accounts (irony: didn’t stop the notifications), and I personally have now designated all email from GetGlue as spam. Twitter users closing accounts due to GetGlue email spam

So how has GetGlue been responding? As of May 24th (Friday) their Twitter account was diligently responding that it was a “known issue” and being worked on by GetGlue engineers. Then the weekend started, and the account went silent.

GetGlue's Twitter account - silent since May 24th

No explanation email to users receiving these emails, no timeline for the fix, no proactive communication ANYWHERE, including on the GetGlue website. Keeping in mind that most folks won’t be back to work until Tuesday, I truly wonder what kind of shape GetGlue’s userbase will be in come next week. The only reason I’ve kept my account open is that I want to see how this plays out. At a minimum, there will likely be hundreds of users that the service can no longer reach via email due to spam filters.

In this case, one has to wonder if a poor customer service/crisis plan might actually be responsible for sinking a company. Stay tuned.