I've been watching the news very closely about the Tweetdeck / Twitter deal. As a 3rd party app CEO it's my business to know what's going on in this crazy social media world. But I find Tweetdeck's own silence on their blog pretty telling. Multiple sources have now reported the deal is done, so where's the user communication? I'm a Tweetdeck account holder (mostly for research purposes) and to date, no email, no post, no tweet. Nothing to indicate that my future as a Tweetdeck user is secure.

By secure, I mean, the platform that people have grown to rely on, especially businesses who up to this point may not have realized there are better solutions for them, will function exactly the same way. Twitter has a tendency to only like "Twitter 0nly."

I think Tweetdeck was a pioneer for 3rd party developers. I have nothing but respect for Iain and what he did. He started this as a pet project and look at what it has snowballed into!

I think this is very out of character for small London-based company.

Of course, this is just guessing, but I'm thinking this is the classic:

"If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all."

Everyone I've spoken with agrees. The silence can only  mean one thing:

Tweetdeck will probably be a Twitter only client. Goodbye Facebook, Goodbye Linkedin.

I have no source, this is just doing the math.

What are your thoughts? Are you a Tweetdeck user who is happy or sad about the acquisition? Do you think my guess is accurate or have I missed the mark?

Update: Tweetdeck did finally update their blog May 25th to announce the acquisition: "Change may well be inevitable" - we will see what that means.

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