Note from @Tammykfennell: This post is written by MarketMeSuite intern @trishbaden and edited by me. Trish helps even the new Tweeter learn the best ways to get the most out of 140 characters! Trish is also regular contributor to our blog,

Whenever I go home for holidays, people always want to know what I’m doing with my life--obviously Social Media and eventually Twitter come up in conversation shortly thereafter. It wasn’t until finishing my Christmas dinner, I realized over 90% of my family had no idea what a hashtag was.

As a budding social media expert and member of their family, I had failed them. Time after time while I was home, people were saying, “I just don’t understand that Twitter thing,” or “what’s a tweet?” Obviously I knew my next blog post had to be something to help the common population get acclimated with my favorite Social Media channel: Twitter. Understanding every slang term and abbreviating in the twitter-sphere (and heck, even facebook statuses and text messages too!) can be a huge barrier to joining the social media stream.

In the spirit of my earlier post, The Demise of the English Language in 140 characters or less, I included not only common Twitter abbreviations but commonly seen abbreviations. As most already know, the Twitter-sphere is essentially a stream of updates or Tweets that are in 140 characters (or less).

You can “follow” (and become a “follower”)  brands, people, companies, sporting teams, neighbors,communities, etc. All of these people will become part of your Twitter Feed. For more info, visit terms explained

This post will hopefully serve as a refresher for some, and a guide (for my personal satisfaction) for people who may be thinking, “wtf am I supposed to do with Twitter?”

B4- Before 

b/c, bc- Because

BRB - Be Right Back

BTW - By The Way

DM- Direct message, a private message or “direct message” to a person you follow.

EM or EML- Email

Fab- Fabulous

FB- Facebook

FF- Follow Friday(#followfriday) A Twitter “endorsement” Tweeted show the user's favorite people on twitter. (see this cool article on how to automatically populate a follow friday list)

Followers- Twitter Members that follow user updates

F2F (and while we’re at it, B2B, B2C): face to face, Business to business, Business to Client (Business to Community)

FYI- For Your Information

Gr8- Great GTG, G2G- Got To Go

Hashtag #: A way of organizing your updates for Twitter search engine & to enable others to discover relevant posts. For example, here are some of the worlds favourite hashtags from 2011:

  • #egypt
  • #tigerblood
  • #threewordstoliveby
  • #idontunderstandwhy
  • #japan
  • #improudtosay
  • #superbowl
  • #jan25
  • #thingslongerthankimsmarriage
  • #thankyousteve
  • #prayforjapan
  • #winning
  • #inthe90s
  • #rw2011
  • #theawkwardmoment
  • #11/11/11

HT -  Hat Tip, or "Heard Through" instead of a classic "RT"

HTH - Here to Help or "Happy" To Help

IC - I See

IDC- I don't care

IDK- I don’t know

IM- Instant Message

JK or J/K- Just Kidding (or for UK people, Joking)

L8- Late

LI- LinkedIn

LMAO- Laughing My A** Off

LMK- Let Me Know

LOL- Laughing Out Loud-- not “lots of love” like my mother thinks it is.

MT - Modified Tweet

NSFW- Not Safe For Work

OH- Overheard

OMG- Oh My God

OMW - On My Way

ORLY- Oh Really?!!

ROFL- Rolling On The Floor Laughing

@reply: a Twitter update (a tweet) that is directed to another user within their tweet.

RT- ReTweet

SMH- Shaking My Head

Thx or Tx- Thanks

TMI- Too Much Information

Trend- A topic "Trending" or "popular" right now on Twitter

TTYL- Talk To You Later

TTYS- Talk To You Soon

TY- Thank You

YT- YouTube

Twitter is an amazing thing. I mean, it is a platform for social change, advertising, communications, brand identity, and etc. Join the stream-- and of course, follow me @trishbaden, my editor @tammykfennell and of course, the fab @MarketMeSuite.

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