Summify, the Social News Summary Service has just been acquired by Twitter, and has announced that they will be closing down some features while they work on a "more streamlined service as they transition their efforts to working at Twitter."

Starting today, the following changes will take effect, according to the Summify Blog:

We’re removing the ability to make your summaries public (i.e. all summaries will be private)

We’re removing profile pages and influence pages

We’re removing the auto-publish feature

We’re disabling user registration from the website, iPhone and Hootsuite apps

Summify will also be moving from Vancouver to San Francisco. In case you're wondering what Summify was, here's their video, but expect changes as Summify inevitably becomes a part of the Twitter experience:

What is Summify? from Summify on Vimeo.

Selling Up or Selling Out?

The Summify Blog is ripe with comments both congratulatory and hostile about this move. Summify users were engaged, avid users and evangelists of the brand, and some are quite vocal about their disappointment. What do you think? Has Summify made a good move?


Kudos to the folks as who have swooped in to rescue stranded summify users. My start up hat goes off to you @newsdotme!!!