Social media has made it possible for brands and consumers to connect in ways that were never possible before. A relationship that promotes and nurtures brand loyalty, brand love, and brand advocacy.

Brand AdvocacyFinding and leveraging a partnership with your brand’s advocates is one of the best ways to spread positive word of mouth. Why you ask?

First, ask yourself, who you think consumers trust the most?

The answer is definitely not the companies and executives of brands. People no longer trust officials, CEO's, and institutions.

So whom do they trust?

Consumers trust their friends, people they can relate to. It is one of the reasons why social media and review sites like Yelp continue to grow. People want to know what other people think, not what companies want them to think.

This brings us to why advocates are so important.  Advocates want to tell all of their friends why your product or service is amazing. And advocates want to spread this news to as many people as they can.

Characteristics of an advocate:

  • Advocates have positive feelings about your brand.

  • Advocates actively love your brand by frequently talking about it and openly sharing their experiences.

  • And here is something very important: advocates also have a want and need to influence others.

Never make your advocates feel like they are being used. Be authentic and develop a relationship that is mutually beneficial. It is up to your brand to identify these advocates and then mobilize them.

Empower your advocates to speak for your brand, defend your brand and mold your brand!