Location based marketing is such a new concept that it is very difficult for small business owners to figure out whether or not there is any value in using location based marketing with services like Foursquare. Why bother putting all this time into something that won’t get users into your store? How do you know users will adopt the platform?

What if I told you that you probably already have customers using Foursquare right now. These are paying customers who are already visiting your store and using this platform. All you have to do now is find out how to reach these paying customers.

Luckily Foursquare has a built-in feature that lets you search your store and see how many visitors you already have. My clients are always amazed when I just ask them to type their name into this search page and take a look. You have customers who are already waiting for you to start using location based marketing.


Pretty crazy right? How many visitors did you already have on there? You will notice two stats, visitors and check-ins, the check-ins represent repeat visits while visitors shows you each unique customer checking in.

Now what if you signed up your business on Foursquare (it’s free to use) and set up a simple check-in message. Check-in 10 times and get a $5 appetizer. Let’s say you have 100 visitors who have already checked in to your store. Using some conservative numbers, let’s say 5 of those customers decide to take advantage of your special. If each of those 5 customers starts visiting your store more frequently to get that bonus appetizer, that’s 50 (yes 50!) new visits from just 5 of your customers who are already using Foursquare and for the cost of 5 appetizers. Would you spend $25 bucks to generate 50 new visitors into your restaurant right now?

Remember, selling to customers who are already using the platform is the path of least resistance. That is the beauty of location based marketing. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you unlock the potential of the platform you can really start to see a measureable impact on your sales.

The ROI on these marketing campaigns absolutely crush traditional marketing strategies. Do you think buying newspaper ads or radio spots will  generate 50 new visits to your store, for just $25, targeted at users who are already using Foursquare and already visiting your store? I doubt it. This is the norm for location based marketing. Location based marketing can start increasing your sales in a real way – today.

This simple example doesn’t even scratch the surface of the potential network effects your specials can have. What if some of those customers tell their friends about the check-in special at your store? How many new visits will that create? What if you use other promotional strategies to get more users onto Foursquare and they start taking advantage of the specials as well.

There are many strategies for getting more customers and more users engaged in your location based marketing strategy. What about the specials and deals you offer to your clients? There are dozens of different specials, promotions, coupons, discounts, and more that you can offer customers with your location based marketing campaign. Different strategies and promotions can help build your sales in new and exciting ways.

You can start using all of these marketing tactics right now and for no cost. Create a Foursquare account and get out there marketing to the customers you have visiting you. If you get nothing else from this blog, I hope that my simple illustration above helps your increase your sales.