What’s worse than completely irrelevant and slightly embarrassing Internet ads? Nothing. Nothing is worse than seeing an ad for how “Telikin is the easiest computer!” or ads about platform beds two days after you just bought one. What’s better than these useless ads? Facebook’s new “sponsored stories” section.

social media agency st louisAs a principle, I never liked it when advertisers just assume that, because my friend likes X—and I’m in the same demographics as my friend—that I too must like X. But Facebook is onto something here. Alongside their simplistic and at times irrelevant ads, Facebook will now showcase these sponsored stories. These ads will be based on actions my friends have already taken, such as liking a particular page or commenting on it.

This is the exception to the rule. This is the one time I will say that, based on my friends’ interests, I just might be interested in the brands they “Like” or comment on. Maybe I forgot that I like Southwest in real life but not on Facebook; this “sponsored story” just reminded me to go like them. And maybe I forgot that “Mad Men” is returning soon and I need to “Like” their page now to find out exactly when.

While these sponsored stories might not always interest me, there’s a greater chance they will than an ad only loosely based on things I happen to have Googled in the past. Sponsored stories, because of their basis on something my friends have taken the time to do (like a “Like” or comment), just might resonate a bit more.

The best part yet? For brand advertising on Facebook, this is a way to get users right where they want ‘em: on their own Facebook page.