Facebook is increasingly being used to market your brand on a more personal level. Despite the inflated valuation of Facebook IPO, it has become an ever-more significant activity throughout our daily lives.

Why is Facebook important to my business?

In a business to business context, it most certainly is not the be all and end all. It does have increasing levels of signficance to consumers who are ever-more focused on buying peer recommended products. The Facebook fan  stats *speak for themselves;

  1. 68% are more likely to recommend brands they’ve liked.
  2. 44% follow fan pages their friends have liked.
  3. 28% more likely than non-fans to repeat purchase.

*Syncapse Corp’s The Value of a Facebook Fan: An Empirical View,  June 2011.

The added benefits of a solid Facebook presence.

If you’re still not convinced on the value of your Facebook page, take a moment to think about those all-important search engines.

Google indexes your social media activity. For your brand this also means additional exposure through an additional channel.

Further, fans on Facebook get to know your brand from an entirely different perspective (if you’re approaching it in the right way) – a personal one. This personalised emphasis means you’re more likely to pick up new and enthusiastic brand champions who like you and your brand. Whether your business is local, national or even international – stats show that consumers are more likely to build a personal, loyal relationship.

Just like Google Maps, Places and FourSquare (for example), location-based marketing is becoming an increasing trend. Your Facebook page can play the same sort of role from another perspective.

What should we do?

Go to your Admin Panel

Click Admin > Update Info

  • No need to fill out Official Page, unless your not officially representing a brand.
  • Make sure you fill out the Sub Categories section – this is the part that Facebook indexes when it exposes users to pages they may like on the basis of pages they’ve already liked.
  •                 Facebook will help you choose these terms as you type.
  • Fill out your address including postcode/zip code, Add Hours etc.
  • Fill out your about us. A strong heading in the About section is essential. Summarise your USP or key differentiator. In the Description section, try to include keywords relevant to your brand and ensure you don’t take the ‘corporate tone’ – it’s a community.

And, last but not least, have fun on Facebook – get your brand’s personality across J.

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